Sunday, December 27, 2009


My friends and I agreed to go to town since they are at home because they had a vacation to celebrate Christmas season. We buy junk foods and bottled water for our snack while we are talking about things that are happening to our life. We missed each other because they go to school for college except me...LOL... this time that we got a chance we go out together like we used to do before we laugh as much as we cannot minding the people around us and stared to us.

I am so happy to have a friend's like them who are understanding, caring and loving and most especially joker. Although we don't have that much money in our pocket we still find ways to enjoy. The trials that we have been through together makes our friendship deeper and stronger.

To my friends Jean Ann Lazarte, Shiela Mae Abaquita and Richie Deguma thank you so much for the friendship that you shared to me. I am glad to be a part of your life and you to me, all three of you are my true great friends. Love you guys.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


My friend Meljean asked me to choreograph their group because they are going to have a dance contest for there Christmas party. There would be plenty of contestant competing in that competition and each group has their own choreographer. I am so flattered and honored that they asked me to be their group choreographer it means a lot to me because someone sees and believe in my talent. Although it is so hard to teach them all the dance steps because most of them don't have a rhythm....LOL... and their body is not that soft to execute some of the movements that I told them to make, but I saw their efforts and persistence to execute all the dance moves I taught them. At the same time, as I was teaching them the dance steps they also teach me how to be more patient, open-minded, creative and give me the courage to trust them that they can do it. They may not have the talent for dancing, but the spirit they showed me while I was teaching them was awesome and whether they get that prize or not in the competition they are already a winner.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My friend Shiela surprised me that we are going to have a dance number in the fiesta on the other province. Her aunt is a radio actress and they are going to perform a stage drama in the other province, and they approach Shiela and her daughter that they wanted us to present a dance number because they don't have a dancer before the stage drama start and they request us to dance the ballroom dance Samba.

We are now busy rehearsing our dance routine since we have only three days to perfect the steps before the stage presentation. Each one of us are working so hard and very cooperative in giving ideas to make this number perfect because Shiela's aunt told her that if ever their head director would love our dance number they are going to hire us officially as their dancers in every stage drama they are going to make. It would be great if that ever happens because we can go to different places and got the chance to enjoy while being paid in every trip we are going to make and also all the fare and food we need are free.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This past few days we encountered a very bad weather. We are experiencing big rain and flood because of the typhoon. The next barangay from ours had the worst experience of flood. The flood causes bumper to bumper traffic in our town because the water level is so high and not only that it damages some properties as well because the water gets inside the houses, the crops are drowned and there are some animals also floating all over. The whole town have no electricity for almost a week because plenty of our electric post fall in the ground.

This calamity brings the people in our town together, it unites us to lend a hand and help each other to stand back again. The Mayor and all the barangay officials in each barangay reach out together to help reshape and bring back the beauty of our town that was again destroyed by the typhoon. I know this is not the last, but with everybody willing to help we can always survive.

Monday, December 7, 2009


In showbiz industry the name Krista Ranillo and Manny Pccquiao are linked to each other that she was his mistress and that he gave her money. Although Pacman already denies the allegations about it, but still everybody thinks that there is something fishy going on around them. Krista Ranillo doesn't come forward yet to clear out her name and the supposedly arrival of the actress in the NAIA International Airport was being watched by some showbiz reporter to get a scoop about this intrigue, but nobody saw her came out in there. There are news come out that she was escorted by securities from the airport and bring her to the other exit.

All this stories started when Miss Gina Alejar posted in her shutout in facebook about Krista Ranillo. Whatever is true about this whole intrigue I think she should come out to make a statement about all this issue and make a stand for herself and to her family which names are being drag to this issue as well.

Happy reading guys I will post the next details about this issue next time.

Monday, November 30, 2009


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Sunday, November 29, 2009


We bring the daughter of my cousin to the hospital today because she had a fever. When they call my aunt to check out their daughter they hear her crying I may not know exactly how hard it is to be far away to their daughter, but I can tell that they are really worried about her if only they had the money I know they will come home just to be with her. I know someday they will be together again because my cousin and his wife are doing their best to process all the papers and documents needed just to bring their daughter in the USA. It will cost them a lot of money just to bring her over, but they won't mind it they are both working hard to earn it just to be together again. For now all they need to do is pray and trust our whole family that we are going to take care of their daughter.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Each one of us has its unique way in keeping our skin healthy and younger looking. I had my own rituals also and beauty products that I used to keep my skin look good especially I have a very sensitive skin so I am very careful in choosing what to use. I used exfoliating scrub every time I take a bath to make my skin feel so soft and not only that it will also help repair your skin and remove dead cells. For my face I used gentle facial moisturizer to helps moisturize my skin since I have a very dry skin.
Being vein is not bad as long as you know what you are doing, but of course you must be careful also in using products because there are different kind of product in each type of skin. Sabon creates beauty products to help us in taking care of our skin, feel free to click the link that I provide to see for yourself the kind of product that will suit your skin type.


When my sister gives birth I can't describe the feelings how hard it is to know that you have a family member in the hospital. Every time the doctor calls the family member of the patients we know that we need to buy medicine for her and the baby. We need to buy all the medicines the doctor tells us to buy in cash because we don't have health care insurance to cover some of our expenses. It is really hard in the pocket and wallet spending that huge amount of money, but we are glad that we are over that scenario already and paid off all the debt we made.

You don't want to take a risk when it comes to the safety of your families health simply click the link that I gave to know the importance of health care insurance and be free from all the hassles you might get into when someone in your family member need it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


My two older brother and my brother-in-law work in the cement factory near our place it is just for three weeks. Every year this cement factory shutdown the plant for three weeks to do some cleaning I think and that is when they hired some workers to work for them in that short time. Even though it is only for three weeks, but still mostly people in our place always looking forward to it because it can help them in their expenses especially this time that so many people had lost their jobs. My brothers are always working in there if they had the plant shutdown and it's a big advantage that we know someone who is in the position.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Manny Pacquiao flew to Las Vegas a few weeks ago for the preparation for his fight with Miguel Cotto, but before he flew he helped giving away the reliefs goods for the victims of the two typhoons that hit our country. People in my country are so eager to watch the fight between the two boxer and always hoping that Pacquiao will win. As always expected Pacquiao win the match as what he always promised, although in first few rounds Cotto show his strength and power in boxing, but after Pacquiao knocked him down in the third and fourth round it slows him down. I adore Cotto's strength to stand and finished the game until the last round although he is badly beaten up and blood is coming out in his nose.

It would be another joyous event that my country would celebrate for Pacquiao's victory. He has been a good Filipino citizen and all his victories he offered it to his countrymen and he tried to do his part to helped those people who are in need to if he had a chance. Good job Manny Pacquiao and we are waiting for you to come home.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Early in the morning in aunt's little store some of my neighbors who don't have works gathered in there spreading gossip while they put up a little table for themselves to play cards. The children are playing until they get tired and their parents mostly doesn't mind if their kids have eaten breakfast or lunch yet. In their mind they know if the kids get hungry they go home and make their own foods. It is fun to be around with them you won't get bored, but I don't want my life to be like this always I didn't see any good future. I didn't say that they don't have good future, but I don't want to waste my time anymore I am getting old and I don't have anything. I have to do something before it's too late.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It has been almost a year since I am looking for a job unfortunately I didn't find any. There is a new company built next to our barangay and they said that they will be going to prioritize applicants near the area. I was hoping to be hired in that company. Although I don't have any idea yet what would it be to work in a factory, but I won't let my worries and fears overcome me I want to work and I need a job to have a good future someday.

Friday, November 6, 2009


It is raining so hard outside my aunt is chatting with her son and daughter-in-law who is now living in the United States. Almost every day they chat with them to update them about the development of their child that was left in the Philippines. I know how hard it is for them to left their only child in the care of my cousin's mom for now. They have to settle everything first before they get their child. Although it is a big sacrifice they always think that it is for the best and they need to do it for the good future for their family. While my aunt and cousin are talking using the headset and webcam I got the chance to chat with my sister as well who live in the United States too. I tell her news about our place and our family. We chatted for about two hours until we decided to turn off the computer because the rain and the thunder were getting stronger. It is so nice to always keep in touch with our family member who lived outside the country.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Two of the most famous bachelor and bachelorette (Senator Manuel "MAR" Roxas and TV journalist Korina Sanchez) in my country finally exchange their vows at the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City. As expected big names in politics and showbiz industries are present during this day. Outside the church there is a big TV screens for those people who didn't get the chance to come inside. The wedding is simple and yet memorable, from clothes of the bride, groom and the entourage and also the food served in the reception are all traditional Filipino style.

The couples decided to donate the money intended for their wedding reception to the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Peping. Guests went home with Venetian mirrors and jewelry boxes all crafted in Pampanga as wedding souvenirs

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My mom already bought a whole pack of candles to be used when we go to the cemetery this coming weekend. Every year we always do this to remember our dead relatives and family member. We light candles, offer prayers and sometimes we bring food in the cemetery if we are planning to stay overnight. You won't get scared staying in the cemetery whole night because there are also plenty of people in there. You will find things to entertain yourself and not get bored when you are there and you can meet new friends while you were there too just make sure that they are real people and not just pretending to be...LOL... anyway that is how we usually spend our Halloween weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I was fascinated of the article I read about this first island cruise ship that was built to roam around and go to beautiful places in the Philippines. The ship is called 7107 Island Cruise named after the number of islands my country has. The ship can accommodate 400 passenger and each room has a complete facilities, like other international cruise ship they had also a swimming pool and a piano bar for the passenger to enjoy. What a wonderful way of having a trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery in my country. Hope someday I can be able to go aboard and to explore the beauty of my country.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


When I attend mass today after the priest deliver the homily for the gospel he called a couple that was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. You can see the happiness in each other's face as well as in their children and grandchildren. It is not always that a couple lived that long together especially nowadays that broken family is rampant case in the society. Most of the problems in the society that our youth facing today blame it to their parents or they came from a broken home.

As I watch the couple taking their vows to one another for the second time I was so inspired and wonder if I found someone to live my life someday would it last that long, I hoped so marriage for me is a very sacred vows that I should only do when I found my soul mate...LOL... though it is impossible, but I will just let God to guide me in every decision I am going to make in the future.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I saw my crush today I like her because she is so nice beside from the outside beauty that she got, but I am afraid how to approached her and what to say to her. I don't know how to make conversation with her although I am not a shy type I can easily connect and make conversation with anybody, but when it comes with her I am totally speechless.

I am not in my teenage stage anymore to have crushes and yet I don't have experience how to court a girl. I am scared that they might be judged me of what I look physically so I just decided to keep whatever feelings I got towards her and just look at her in a distance.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


The last time we chat with my sister this week who worked in Hongkong she told us that she won in the pageant and she was so happy and proud showing us her crown and some of her pictures during the coronation day.

Even during her high school days she always wanted to be in a beauty pageant though she is not that tall, but still she always finds way to be in the stage and show the people that if you want to do something that can make you happy nothing can ever stop you as long as you put your heart in it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love different kind of music, but there is only one music station I choose to listen when I want to go to sleep. They played old and light music and mostly love songs in this station.

My sister Maricel influenced me in listening to this kind of music because she always listened to this radio station whenever she goes to bed after her long day or night from work depending on her work schedule.

My friends teased me about it they think I am weird, but I can't help it I love this kind of music also and makes me relaxed from whole day stressed I have.

W rock the light rock radio station really rock my world.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I missed my sister Maricel she has been away from us for more than a year now, I missed her loud voice especially when she is mad and her weird tune of laughing and most of all her boyish styles.

She loves to wear loose shirts and pants trying to hide her body..LOL... and she loves to wear sandals with socks and I find it weird, but honestly it doesn't look bad on her because she knows how to carry the clothes that she is wearing. I thought before that she would become an old-maid because she doesn't entertain suitors, she got plenty of friends with opposite sex, but it was all friendly things nothing beyond that.
Until one day when her boyfriend from USA arrived and visited her, after that everything in her was changed from wearing clothes and to her points of view in life. This feeling that called Love really make her change.

We missed and loved you my dear sister though we are not that much vocal to say it often, but you know that deep in our heart we have it.

Friday, September 25, 2009


There are plenty of local actresses who portrayed Darna whether it is on movies or just in TV series.

The first Darna series they made is played by Angel Locsin in the year 2005 and she did the role so well and it fits her character because of her boyish act and she had a strong facial features. Though in the first few months of the series she received bad criticism from the columnist and viewers, but still she managed to accomplished and have a high rating on her TV series.

Like what other actresses have been through in playing this role as a remake for the Darna she experienced it also and was being able to surpass it all with a flying colors.

Our Pinay superhero Darna is now on TV again, GMA7 Network released another TV series of Darna. This time it is Marian Rivera who will play the role. She is very exciting to play the Narda role and used her own voice to shout to become Darna, although she is also a bit nervous knowing that all the local actresses that played same role before already proved themselves worthy to swallow the powerful stone....LOL.

As expected even before her new TV series would come out she got already bad criticism from public viewers, but she is persistent and do her best to face the challenges that may come. They got some twist in this series that was never shown in the first one and you will be amazed on how they make the story more intriguing and exciting. Keep on watching guys and let her prove herself in doing her best in her role.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My sister who lived in the United States sent money for us and to my brother-in-law to help in his expenses because he applied work to the other country.

He needs to have enough money for preparing all the important papers and documents needed. He will be going to have a medical exam also soon, he wanted to work outside the country because the salary there is way much bigger than what he got here.

My niece who is his daughter is in college now that is one reason why he wanted to go. We are lucky to have a family member willing to help. I know when my brother-in-law can get this job he will be helping us too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am such a music lover that is one of the reasons I really like to dance. Every now and then when I heard a beautiful music I can't stop my body and feet dance to the rhythm of it.

I love to dance since I am young, but I hide to my family that days because I'm afraid that they might not like it. Just when I was in my high school days they know and now every time I have a dance number my family especially my mom always wanted to see me on the dance floor and she likes it very much, but my mother can't dance..LOL...she just loved to watch.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Every day I have a daily activity in our house, we don't let our mom does all the household chores. We help each other to finished all the works needed to be done in the house because after it we can do whatever we want to do and go wherever we want to go.

I cook and clean our house and sometimes help my mom in laundry, but washing clothes is a hard thing to do so I need my mom's help and guidance. You can't imagine how a simple activity like this makes me so tired.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This passed few days I went to bed so late at night because I watch movies or go out with friends then sometime go to town to do some dance rehearsal with my dance troupe. This morning when I wake up and checked myself in the mirror I don't like what I see because my pimple is multiplying and I don't like it.

What a bad genes I have to always got pimples periodically, sucks because it is not only unattractive to look, but also irritating because there are times it hurts as well. How I wish I could find one very effective product to use to eliminate my pimples.

Happy reading guys and stay pretty.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Here are the picture from the new television series that I am watching. It is one of the most watch shows on TV every afternoon because it is a mirror of what a teenage life nowadays.

The main character named is NENE an ordinary teenage girl whose life is about to change with the arrival of her childhood friends. With two handsome guys trying to win her attention and heart, she only wants to embarks on a romantic adventure that unfortunately turns into a big disaster, getting her pregnant in her early teens life. At her young age we will see how she strives and deals with the problems and challenges in her teen pregnancy and if she can survive the life of being a teenage mom.

The show already get plenty of criticism from public viewers both good and bad because of some sensual scenes that it has, but still it manages to be one in the top of the most watch TV shows in the afternoon. This show is a wake up call for every teenager to be very extra careful in entering a relationship and be responsible with every action they will be making because one mistake's can ruins the good life that may come in the future for them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


People who know me, says that I am so fashionable because I have a weird taste in clothes and in my hairstyles. I just love experimenting and mix matching the clothes in my drawer and making something new in my hair, I want to look new every time I go out.

The one that influence my styles are the shows that I watch on TV, we have some shows from other Asian and foreign countries.

At first I think that they look so weird in their hair style and clothes, but later it becomes a big hit especially teenagers and me...LOL...I do not need to follow all they do and wear, but I get some ideas from them on how to look good.

Though sometime I get criticism from other people especially old folks...LOL...I just don't mind them, I am proud and happy to be what I am and that what matters to me

Friday, September 11, 2009


Every time I heard Mariah Carey song I stop what I'm doing. I really love her music most of the times I sing with her, pretending I do duet with her...LOL...her voice is amazing too hard to copy and when she hits high notes she sounds like a bird singing. I am one of her millions fan that she had.

She is very lovely and perfect as a performer. One of her songs that I really like to sing is "Whenever You Call" very nice song. She knows how to get the emotion of that songs though all of her songs are all emotional...LOL. I love Mariah Carey...I am a solid fan of her.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am a kind of person that eats a lot, but still remain so skinny...LOL.....I am not picky when it comes to food as long as it tastes and smells good I will eat it. My family and friends teased me all the times if where did I put all the food that I eat because it doesn't show.

I am an energetic person that is why I did not gain weight because I move a lot and dance a lot as well. My metabolism works faster as it burns all the food I eat. My friends like seeing me, eat like a cow...LOL...makes them want to eat more.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I was invited to my friend's birthday, there are plenty of food and drinks in there. I meet some of his friends from where he went to school in the city.

Almost everybody are drinking and they asked me to give it a try. I don't want to be a party spoiler so I take a shot and honestly I don't like the bitter taste of it. I wonder why they can finish couple of bottles each if it tastes like that.

There is one girl who got really drunk she just puke all over herself and she stinks after puking. I don't want to be in her situation, it is so embarrassing..LOL...and also I heard that you will be going to have a headache afterwards.

I rather be called party spoiler than go through all this crap.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday is another fun big day for me because I was able to dance and performed again for our own town festival called "DAGITAB FESTIVAL" which means lightning or the flow of electricity because our town is the primary source of power supply in CEBU and also it illustrates the city's economic progress. We celebrated it this year together with the birthday of our city Mayor and a blessing to our new Municipality.

We had a dance parade all over, though it is so hot we did not mind it at all. Although there are only seven contingents including us ..LOL.....for this event still it brought hundreds of viewers. Our city's park and bay walk is full of people waiting for the presentation of each dance contingents. You can see the fun and excitement in each other's face all through the festival.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We are lucky to have him as an additional to our family. He loves my sister so much and extend it to us, his been helping us a lot. He is a brother-in-law that I never thought I could have. Though he is an American he doesn't make us feel that we are different, he treats us so nice. I don't know how to thank him in everything he does to our family. All I can say is that we are so thankful to have him.

Nobody expected that my sister is going to have an American husband because she is so boyish and so simple. Everything happens so quick and thank God he gives her someone to love and love her back.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Everyone in the neighborhood is very busy cooking food and cleaning their houses for their coming visitors, for today is our barrio fiesta. You can feel the festivities in our barrio.

In the big auditorium in our place where they are going to have the disco for tonight is already playing music, the disco DJ is also inviting everyone to come to dance with them for tonight's disco.

There are already little store in the sidewalks of the street selling toys, cotton candies, drinks and many other. The church is announcing that there would be a mass later this afternoon and a parade for our patron saint SAN AUGUSTINE DE HIPPO.

It would be a fun day today and everybody would enjoy the food and everything that is being prepared in each house for their guests.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Right after we eat diner my whole family loved to watch shows on TV, every one of us is in each favorite place in the couch watching together. It is one of our favorite bonding time with the family. There is one show that we always wanted to watch even my six years old nephew always looking forward to watching it every night.

The series story revolves around a little boy life named Santino, and how he affects the lives of the people in their small town due to his strong faith. The series captured the heart of its viewers each episode is so exciting, children's love this little boy in this show because of his good deeds and they wanted to be like him.

Monday, August 24, 2009


We were chatting with my brother-in-law tonight, he told us that my sister cannot come online because she is at work, she works night shift in the factory. He gives us the control number of the money that my sister sends us.

We do really enjoy talking with him we laugh a lot and language difference is not a problem with us though our English is not that good, but he still understands what we meant. He really is a good man I just meet him once and that was a few years ago when he went to the Philippines and visit my sister. We are so lucky to have him as a part of our family and he really loved and cares so much for my sister and he extends it to us.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Everybody has each own habit in sleeping. Every time we went to bed we do some ritual so we can sleep easily, more of them is reading.

Every time I went to bed and getting ready to sleep, I usually put my feet on the wall do some slides up and down, while listening the music or I imagined some scene that I am a main character and do some stunts on my mind. Then, I just wake up the next morning.

Friday, August 21, 2009


My mom together with her sisters and the rest of the family go to the shrine. The shrine is located at the top of the mountain. There were plenty of people already when we reached the shrine, they are all followers and believers of MAMA MARY. They had a bulletin board in there that have news about the miracle happening in that place and letters from the people who received miracle from MAMA MARY as well.

The place is so beautiful and the ambiance is very relaxing, even though there are plenty of people coming back and forth. The people who managed the place maintains the cleanliness in the area.

You will not regret whenever you go to the shrine, whatever burdens you have in your heart will surely vanish for a while when you were there that is what I can guarantee you because I experience it. Have a good day to all.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When I opened the computer today at my aunt's house to check I saw an offline message from my other older sister who work in other country. It has been month now since the last time we chatted with her, we are not expecting that she will be online today because it is not her normal day off from her work usually it is every Thursday.

She went to other country three months after my other older sister left the country as well. If only she is lucky to find a job in our country, I know she will not choose to leave the country to work abroad and be away with the family, friends and person she loves, but she has no choice she needs to do it because she wanted to earn and save some money for her future.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our province celebrates another special event called "Pasigarbo sa Sugbo" it is the festival of all festival in Cebu. The competition had 38 dance contestants and our dance troupe is one of it. We had a street dance parade, the costumes and props of each dance troupe are so colorful and lively to look. Dancers and viewers did not mind the heat of the sun. You can see smiles in everyone's face.

I am proud to be part of this festival knowing that I might be the one who brings those smiles on some people face is a great honor to me. Though we did not win in the competition still the enjoyment and experience we had is enough for us.

Happy reading and enjoy my blog.