Saturday, September 26, 2009


I missed my sister Maricel she has been away from us for more than a year now, I missed her loud voice especially when she is mad and her weird tune of laughing and most of all her boyish styles.

She loves to wear loose shirts and pants trying to hide her body..LOL... and she loves to wear sandals with socks and I find it weird, but honestly it doesn't look bad on her because she knows how to carry the clothes that she is wearing. I thought before that she would become an old-maid because she doesn't entertain suitors, she got plenty of friends with opposite sex, but it was all friendly things nothing beyond that.
Until one day when her boyfriend from USA arrived and visited her, after that everything in her was changed from wearing clothes and to her points of view in life. This feeling that called Love really make her change.

We missed and loved you my dear sister though we are not that much vocal to say it often, but you know that deep in our heart we have it.

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