Friday, July 31, 2009


As I was browsing the computer and looking at our pictures in their I saw these pictures of me together with my cousin in Kawasan Falls.

This beautiful falls is located in Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, Philippinies. It is a very fun and exciting experience going up there. You need to walk for less than an hour to reach the place, but you will enjoy the moment to be with the nature and not going to feel tired walking because of the very beautiful surrounding.

For us, we are very busy posing and taking pictures for souvenirs and for other people to look, especially those people that never got the chance to visit the place yet. You can hear the splashing of water and people screaming for fun. You can feel the enjoyment and energy they have, it is shown all over their face.

The place is so wonderful one of the perfect creations of GOD. You can go swimming or rafting if you want. Foreigners and local Filipinos are enjoying the moment with the nature's gift.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today is my cousins burial day I can imagine the grief his parents have and those people who are close to him.

I did not really meet him in person only my two older sister met him together with my mom a few years ago when they went in Mindanao to attend my father's burial. They said that he is their bodyguard...LOL....when they went there he is with them wherever they want to go; he does not let them go somewhere without him because my sisters do not know the place so well.

It might be so easy to say that he is already in God's hands and already find peace and happiness there, but for the people who lost him it is so hard to accept the truth; he will always be a part of the family and in their heart he will always be there.

Good day everyone and spend time with your love one's because you do not know when is your time and their time will come to be with the CREATOR.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I got a chance to chat with my sister for a short while today through internet. We do not have a computer in our house so we always go to my aunt's house, they lived just next to our house. My cousin is not online yet so I used the computer first to chat with my sister.

She is in the United States for more than a year now. She told me to do something today to improve my life a little bit. I know it is for my own well so I will do my best to give it a chance. As what others said there is no harm in trying for as long as you did not hurt other people.

God bless me with whatever things I am going to do. Have a good day to all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is the company where my sister works before she gets married and went to United States.

She has been working in this company for about seven years and eleven months to be exact. I know this company means a lot to her, she gains many friends who are so closed to her and honestly there are some people who dislike her because of the way she acts and talk. They just judge her without even knowing her; will that is the sad part reality of life that we need to accept. We cannot please everyone.

That company helps the family a lot because it is only my sister who works in the family. She had plenty of memories in there that is hard to let go because it helps her a lot to develop what she has become now.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I started doing my household chores and some errands in the house because I wanted to have enough time to prepare things myself before going to church in our town. Usually it takes an hour for me and my friends to attend the whole mass and after that we go directly to the town plaza located near the church. Plenty of sidewalk vendors selling different foods in the corners like peanut, popcorn, fish ball, shake, ice cream and many more items you can choose to buy if you have the money in your pocket. We just buy bags of popcorn and peanut for us to eat.

Some of our friends are already in the plaza waiting for us to arrive and then we decided to walk for a while and later decided to sit in one of those benches laying all over. Many people all over the plaza there are couples with their kids playing in the playground, lovers in some side of plaza talking so seriously and tickling each other sometimes, and people like me hanging out with friends and enjoy laughing with one another.

We love to share funny stories and laugh a lot with it and sometimes we make other people around us as a target for our entertainment. We know it is not good at all to do it, but we cannot help it we want to enjoy every single minute we have because some of my friends are not always in our hometown.

They go to college schools in the city to study and live in there; they just go home twice a month and if they have an extra money from the allowance they receive from their parents. Some of us are not as lucky to pursue our study, but I have not lost my hope yet who knows someday my luck will come...LOL....anything can happen if you are persistent to reach and achieve something in life.

For now I was just at home helping with my mother in some household stuff and sometimes do some creative things like this writing and dancing since I am a member of the dance troupe in our town.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My cousin asks me to go with her in the town to buy stuffs for their little store. We did not go directly to the market instead we go to the town bay walk to have some fun. I really like out there I love the breeze of the sea wind that blows in my face it feels so good. The scenery is awesome people from other towns come here just to relax and enjoy.

There are plenty of people already all over, it is a busy afternoon plenty of students in their and some lovers. Food is not a problem it is all over the area besides from the vendors there are also restaurants in there which serve seafood and a karaoke house; food and singing is two of the favorite things that FILIPINO love to do.

The karaoke houses is already busy some customers are already singing while others are just listening while drinking their beer or pop or soda with some chips.

Though it is crowded and so noisy I still enjoy it; in the sea you can see some fisherman in their boats go out for fishing and ship in the dock. I really do not know exactly why they are here, but I do not mind it my mind is already occupied of my wishful thinking about beautiful places and big cities that I wanted to visit in the future....LOL....if I have a plenty of money to spend someday..LOL.....just a dream and it is for free.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My relative in my father side from other side of our country send us message in our mobile telling that my cousin just died two days ago. We are so shock when we heard the news because he is still so young.

Couple of weeks ago we just buried my other cousin who were killed in an ambush; he is a military man and now here we are another lost. We really do not know the real story yet if what really happen. Too many questions in our mind because of his sudden death.

I know how hard it is for the parents this is not the first time they lost a son several years ago one of their son died too at a very young age as well. I do not know if my mother will be going there.

We really do not know until when we are in this world, so live each time of your life as if it is the last day. Make sure you let the people around know that you love them so that there will be no regrets come in the future.