Sunday, December 27, 2009


My friends and I agreed to go to town since they are at home because they had a vacation to celebrate Christmas season. We buy junk foods and bottled water for our snack while we are talking about things that are happening to our life. We missed each other because they go to school for college except me...LOL... this time that we got a chance we go out together like we used to do before we laugh as much as we cannot minding the people around us and stared to us.

I am so happy to have a friend's like them who are understanding, caring and loving and most especially joker. Although we don't have that much money in our pocket we still find ways to enjoy. The trials that we have been through together makes our friendship deeper and stronger.

To my friends Jean Ann Lazarte, Shiela Mae Abaquita and Richie Deguma thank you so much for the friendship that you shared to me. I am glad to be a part of your life and you to me, all three of you are my true great friends. Love you guys.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


My friend Meljean asked me to choreograph their group because they are going to have a dance contest for there Christmas party. There would be plenty of contestant competing in that competition and each group has their own choreographer. I am so flattered and honored that they asked me to be their group choreographer it means a lot to me because someone sees and believe in my talent. Although it is so hard to teach them all the dance steps because most of them don't have a rhythm....LOL... and their body is not that soft to execute some of the movements that I told them to make, but I saw their efforts and persistence to execute all the dance moves I taught them. At the same time, as I was teaching them the dance steps they also teach me how to be more patient, open-minded, creative and give me the courage to trust them that they can do it. They may not have the talent for dancing, but the spirit they showed me while I was teaching them was awesome and whether they get that prize or not in the competition they are already a winner.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My friend Shiela surprised me that we are going to have a dance number in the fiesta on the other province. Her aunt is a radio actress and they are going to perform a stage drama in the other province, and they approach Shiela and her daughter that they wanted us to present a dance number because they don't have a dancer before the stage drama start and they request us to dance the ballroom dance Samba.

We are now busy rehearsing our dance routine since we have only three days to perfect the steps before the stage presentation. Each one of us are working so hard and very cooperative in giving ideas to make this number perfect because Shiela's aunt told her that if ever their head director would love our dance number they are going to hire us officially as their dancers in every stage drama they are going to make. It would be great if that ever happens because we can go to different places and got the chance to enjoy while being paid in every trip we are going to make and also all the fare and food we need are free.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This past few days we encountered a very bad weather. We are experiencing big rain and flood because of the typhoon. The next barangay from ours had the worst experience of flood. The flood causes bumper to bumper traffic in our town because the water level is so high and not only that it damages some properties as well because the water gets inside the houses, the crops are drowned and there are some animals also floating all over. The whole town have no electricity for almost a week because plenty of our electric post fall in the ground.

This calamity brings the people in our town together, it unites us to lend a hand and help each other to stand back again. The Mayor and all the barangay officials in each barangay reach out together to help reshape and bring back the beauty of our town that was again destroyed by the typhoon. I know this is not the last, but with everybody willing to help we can always survive.

Monday, December 7, 2009


In showbiz industry the name Krista Ranillo and Manny Pccquiao are linked to each other that she was his mistress and that he gave her money. Although Pacman already denies the allegations about it, but still everybody thinks that there is something fishy going on around them. Krista Ranillo doesn't come forward yet to clear out her name and the supposedly arrival of the actress in the NAIA International Airport was being watched by some showbiz reporter to get a scoop about this intrigue, but nobody saw her came out in there. There are news come out that she was escorted by securities from the airport and bring her to the other exit.

All this stories started when Miss Gina Alejar posted in her shutout in facebook about Krista Ranillo. Whatever is true about this whole intrigue I think she should come out to make a statement about all this issue and make a stand for herself and to her family which names are being drag to this issue as well.

Happy reading guys I will post the next details about this issue next time.