Monday, December 14, 2009


My friend Shiela surprised me that we are going to have a dance number in the fiesta on the other province. Her aunt is a radio actress and they are going to perform a stage drama in the other province, and they approach Shiela and her daughter that they wanted us to present a dance number because they don't have a dancer before the stage drama start and they request us to dance the ballroom dance Samba.

We are now busy rehearsing our dance routine since we have only three days to perfect the steps before the stage presentation. Each one of us are working so hard and very cooperative in giving ideas to make this number perfect because Shiela's aunt told her that if ever their head director would love our dance number they are going to hire us officially as their dancers in every stage drama they are going to make. It would be great if that ever happens because we can go to different places and got the chance to enjoy while being paid in every trip we are going to make and also all the fare and food we need are free.

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