Friday, October 30, 2009


Two of the most famous bachelor and bachelorette (Senator Manuel "MAR" Roxas and TV journalist Korina Sanchez) in my country finally exchange their vows at the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City. As expected big names in politics and showbiz industries are present during this day. Outside the church there is a big TV screens for those people who didn't get the chance to come inside. The wedding is simple and yet memorable, from clothes of the bride, groom and the entourage and also the food served in the reception are all traditional Filipino style.

The couples decided to donate the money intended for their wedding reception to the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Peping. Guests went home with Venetian mirrors and jewelry boxes all crafted in Pampanga as wedding souvenirs

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My mom already bought a whole pack of candles to be used when we go to the cemetery this coming weekend. Every year we always do this to remember our dead relatives and family member. We light candles, offer prayers and sometimes we bring food in the cemetery if we are planning to stay overnight. You won't get scared staying in the cemetery whole night because there are also plenty of people in there. You will find things to entertain yourself and not get bored when you are there and you can meet new friends while you were there too just make sure that they are real people and not just pretending to be...LOL... anyway that is how we usually spend our Halloween weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I was fascinated of the article I read about this first island cruise ship that was built to roam around and go to beautiful places in the Philippines. The ship is called 7107 Island Cruise named after the number of islands my country has. The ship can accommodate 400 passenger and each room has a complete facilities, like other international cruise ship they had also a swimming pool and a piano bar for the passenger to enjoy. What a wonderful way of having a trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery in my country. Hope someday I can be able to go aboard and to explore the beauty of my country.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


When I attend mass today after the priest deliver the homily for the gospel he called a couple that was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. You can see the happiness in each other's face as well as in their children and grandchildren. It is not always that a couple lived that long together especially nowadays that broken family is rampant case in the society. Most of the problems in the society that our youth facing today blame it to their parents or they came from a broken home.

As I watch the couple taking their vows to one another for the second time I was so inspired and wonder if I found someone to live my life someday would it last that long, I hoped so marriage for me is a very sacred vows that I should only do when I found my soul mate...LOL... though it is impossible, but I will just let God to guide me in every decision I am going to make in the future.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I saw my crush today I like her because she is so nice beside from the outside beauty that she got, but I am afraid how to approached her and what to say to her. I don't know how to make conversation with her although I am not a shy type I can easily connect and make conversation with anybody, but when it comes with her I am totally speechless.

I am not in my teenage stage anymore to have crushes and yet I don't have experience how to court a girl. I am scared that they might be judged me of what I look physically so I just decided to keep whatever feelings I got towards her and just look at her in a distance.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


The last time we chat with my sister this week who worked in Hongkong she told us that she won in the pageant and she was so happy and proud showing us her crown and some of her pictures during the coronation day.

Even during her high school days she always wanted to be in a beauty pageant though she is not that tall, but still she always finds way to be in the stage and show the people that if you want to do something that can make you happy nothing can ever stop you as long as you put your heart in it.