Monday, December 7, 2009


In showbiz industry the name Krista Ranillo and Manny Pccquiao are linked to each other that she was his mistress and that he gave her money. Although Pacman already denies the allegations about it, but still everybody thinks that there is something fishy going on around them. Krista Ranillo doesn't come forward yet to clear out her name and the supposedly arrival of the actress in the NAIA International Airport was being watched by some showbiz reporter to get a scoop about this intrigue, but nobody saw her came out in there. There are news come out that she was escorted by securities from the airport and bring her to the other exit.

All this stories started when Miss Gina Alejar posted in her shutout in facebook about Krista Ranillo. Whatever is true about this whole intrigue I think she should come out to make a statement about all this issue and make a stand for herself and to her family which names are being drag to this issue as well.

Happy reading guys I will post the next details about this issue next time.

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