Monday, September 14, 2009


Here are the picture from the new television series that I am watching. It is one of the most watch shows on TV every afternoon because it is a mirror of what a teenage life nowadays.

The main character named is NENE an ordinary teenage girl whose life is about to change with the arrival of her childhood friends. With two handsome guys trying to win her attention and heart, she only wants to embarks on a romantic adventure that unfortunately turns into a big disaster, getting her pregnant in her early teens life. At her young age we will see how she strives and deals with the problems and challenges in her teen pregnancy and if she can survive the life of being a teenage mom.

The show already get plenty of criticism from public viewers both good and bad because of some sensual scenes that it has, but still it manages to be one in the top of the most watch TV shows in the afternoon. This show is a wake up call for every teenager to be very extra careful in entering a relationship and be responsible with every action they will be making because one mistake's can ruins the good life that may come in the future for them.

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