Sunday, December 20, 2009


My friend Meljean asked me to choreograph their group because they are going to have a dance contest for there Christmas party. There would be plenty of contestant competing in that competition and each group has their own choreographer. I am so flattered and honored that they asked me to be their group choreographer it means a lot to me because someone sees and believe in my talent. Although it is so hard to teach them all the dance steps because most of them don't have a rhythm....LOL... and their body is not that soft to execute some of the movements that I told them to make, but I saw their efforts and persistence to execute all the dance moves I taught them. At the same time, as I was teaching them the dance steps they also teach me how to be more patient, open-minded, creative and give me the courage to trust them that they can do it. They may not have the talent for dancing, but the spirit they showed me while I was teaching them was awesome and whether they get that prize or not in the competition they are already a winner.

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