Sunday, November 15, 2009


Manny Pacquiao flew to Las Vegas a few weeks ago for the preparation for his fight with Miguel Cotto, but before he flew he helped giving away the reliefs goods for the victims of the two typhoons that hit our country. People in my country are so eager to watch the fight between the two boxer and always hoping that Pacquiao will win. As always expected Pacquiao win the match as what he always promised, although in first few rounds Cotto show his strength and power in boxing, but after Pacquiao knocked him down in the third and fourth round it slows him down. I adore Cotto's strength to stand and finished the game until the last round although he is badly beaten up and blood is coming out in his nose.

It would be another joyous event that my country would celebrate for Pacquiao's victory. He has been a good Filipino citizen and all his victories he offered it to his countrymen and he tried to do his part to helped those people who are in need to if he had a chance. Good job Manny Pacquiao and we are waiting for you to come home.

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