Sunday, August 30, 2009


Everyone in the neighborhood is very busy cooking food and cleaning their houses for their coming visitors, for today is our barrio fiesta. You can feel the festivities in our barrio.

In the big auditorium in our place where they are going to have the disco for tonight is already playing music, the disco DJ is also inviting everyone to come to dance with them for tonight's disco.

There are already little store in the sidewalks of the street selling toys, cotton candies, drinks and many other. The church is announcing that there would be a mass later this afternoon and a parade for our patron saint SAN AUGUSTINE DE HIPPO.

It would be a fun day today and everybody would enjoy the food and everything that is being prepared in each house for their guests.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Right after we eat diner my whole family loved to watch shows on TV, every one of us is in each favorite place in the couch watching together. It is one of our favorite bonding time with the family. There is one show that we always wanted to watch even my six years old nephew always looking forward to watching it every night.

The series story revolves around a little boy life named Santino, and how he affects the lives of the people in their small town due to his strong faith. The series captured the heart of its viewers each episode is so exciting, children's love this little boy in this show because of his good deeds and they wanted to be like him.

Monday, August 24, 2009


We were chatting with my brother-in-law tonight, he told us that my sister cannot come online because she is at work, she works night shift in the factory. He gives us the control number of the money that my sister sends us.

We do really enjoy talking with him we laugh a lot and language difference is not a problem with us though our English is not that good, but he still understands what we meant. He really is a good man I just meet him once and that was a few years ago when he went to the Philippines and visit my sister. We are so lucky to have him as a part of our family and he really loved and cares so much for my sister and he extends it to us.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Everybody has each own habit in sleeping. Every time we went to bed we do some ritual so we can sleep easily, more of them is reading.

Every time I went to bed and getting ready to sleep, I usually put my feet on the wall do some slides up and down, while listening the music or I imagined some scene that I am a main character and do some stunts on my mind. Then, I just wake up the next morning.

Friday, August 21, 2009


My mom together with her sisters and the rest of the family go to the shrine. The shrine is located at the top of the mountain. There were plenty of people already when we reached the shrine, they are all followers and believers of MAMA MARY. They had a bulletin board in there that have news about the miracle happening in that place and letters from the people who received miracle from MAMA MARY as well.

The place is so beautiful and the ambiance is very relaxing, even though there are plenty of people coming back and forth. The people who managed the place maintains the cleanliness in the area.

You will not regret whenever you go to the shrine, whatever burdens you have in your heart will surely vanish for a while when you were there that is what I can guarantee you because I experience it. Have a good day to all.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When I opened the computer today at my aunt's house to check I saw an offline message from my other older sister who work in other country. It has been month now since the last time we chatted with her, we are not expecting that she will be online today because it is not her normal day off from her work usually it is every Thursday.

She went to other country three months after my other older sister left the country as well. If only she is lucky to find a job in our country, I know she will not choose to leave the country to work abroad and be away with the family, friends and person she loves, but she has no choice she needs to do it because she wanted to earn and save some money for her future.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our province celebrates another special event called "Pasigarbo sa Sugbo" it is the festival of all festival in Cebu. The competition had 38 dance contestants and our dance troupe is one of it. We had a street dance parade, the costumes and props of each dance troupe are so colorful and lively to look. Dancers and viewers did not mind the heat of the sun. You can see smiles in everyone's face.

I am proud to be part of this festival knowing that I might be the one who brings those smiles on some people face is a great honor to me. Though we did not win in the competition still the enjoyment and experience we had is enough for us.

Happy reading and enjoy my blog.

Friday, August 14, 2009


We are so busy this passed few days in our dance practice, especially today we had our general rehearsal afterwards we do prepare our props and costumes needed for the festival tomorrow.

The props and costumes just arrived later this afternoon and it is so colorful. All the members in our dance troupe are so excited to present tomorrow. We know also that there would be another dancers from different places and schools that will be going to perform, the winners would get money and trophy from this event as well.

Today we finish a little bit earlier than our normal time because we need to take a rest and save more energy for the festival tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Our barrio fiesta is coming soon, the people in charge for the beautification of our barrio is so busy preparing for the occasion. There would be plenty of events coming before the fiesta for the people to watch and enjoy.

The organizer for each event that is going to be held for the coming fiesta are also very busy. I know it would be another successful and joyful fiesta, people do not mind the crisis they are facing at the moment for them it only happened once a year so they want to make the most out of it, all they want is to enjoy and be happy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My sister told us that she had a part-time job, but it would not be that long, she started Thursday night last week until whole week this week. She just grab the opportunity to work to earn money and can send us a little bit.

She is the breed winner of the family, for her family comes first and she never let us down. At her early age she start working, right after she graduated high school to support the family since my mom and other older brothers has no work.

Though she had an ambition in her life to pursue her study and get a degree in college instead she looked for work to support the family needs and shoulder the responsibility that should not be hers. With my mom's help and her working they manage to send us the little ones to school.

I know how hard it is for her sacrificing whatever she wanted to achieve in her life, but it does not bother her that is why God bless her so much for that she is now happily married and continued helping us.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Every day I always go to town for our dance practice for the coming events in our town. It would be few days from now, and we really need to perfect our dance routines because there would be plenty of people watching us.

There is also other dance groups who are going to perform in that event. I always go home almost midnight, good thing that I do not go to school or work so I can sleep whatever time I want and wake up whenever I feel to get up.

All of us are very excited to present what we are working for, it has been few weeks since we dance our ass off to polish whatever mistakes we have and to make it perfect for the satisfaction of our viewers.

Until next time happy reading my fellow bloggers.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is the beautiful picture of the bay walk, but as I was watching the news tonight I was shocked by the look of the famous bay walk located near the American Embassy because of the typhoon that the Metro Manila area is facing, it made a lot of damage in the surrounding there. The bay walk overflows and it washes away plenty of garbage all over the area, they estimated that they are going to haul six garbage truck, just to clean the big mess the typhoon brings.

People are everywhere digging the garbage wishing that they can find something that they could sell or use. It is a wake up call for everybody to help one another preserve our mother nature because if we are not going to act now more calamities will come and may can create more damages, let us not wait for that time to come.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Technology really helps people a lot in everything they do; from housework to office and even in our leisure time, these machines that we called really helps in everything we do. Like my sister and her husband they know each other in computer through chat.

They are friends at first for more than four years, before they decided to step up to the next level of a deeper relationship between man and woman....LOL.....though they live a thousand miles away from each other it does not stop them Computer and telephone are their way of communications; he calls her everyday in phone before and after she goes to work or else my sister goes to an Internet cafe just to spend time chatting with him so that they can see and talk to each other as well because they have webcam and headphone in there.

Love really works in mysterious ways, imagine how two people coming from two different places meet and fall in love. After her boyfriend come to Phillipines, and visited here for couple of weeks, last year after they have done all the requirements and documents needed for my sister to go to his place, she went to the United States alone away from her home and family; love is her strength and weapon to conquer all the challenges that comes.

God bless to all and happy reading.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Our country is so sad to heard the news yesterday morning that our former president Cory Aquino has died already because of colon cancer; her son delivers the news to the Filipino who loves and respected her a lot.

Cory Aquino is the first female leader in our country; she ended former president Marcos regime although he won the snap election during that time, but the journalists, foreign observers and church leaders alleged massive fraud. Hundreds of thousands of people go out in the street to attend the rally called "People's Power" that time the Filipinos are united to fight for their rights and free themselves from a dictator leadership.

There are still people who think that she is not capable of ruling the country, but she showed them wrong instead she stood up and do so many good things that help reformed our country. She earns so much respect and love from the people in our county including those people who doubted her leadership. The name Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino and Corazon Aquino made a big impact in our history they both contribute in bringing back democracy to our country.

Filipino people salute and pay tribute to both of them. They may have already gone in this world, but their names and beautiful deeds will always be in the hearts of the Filipino.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


In every occasion in our place roasted pig is always present beside from the other dish that we prefer; it seems that the celebration is not complete if this food is not present in the table..LOL.

Rich people just order roasted pig directly to eliminate the hassles of making it and especially they can afford to buy this expensive food, but other people just love to make it from scratch until it is done. That is how we do it if we are celebrating some special occasions because we can save money if we do it ourselves, though we need to put more effort and time in preparing it.

The smell of roasted pig while we are cooking it spread in the neighborhood and they cannot resist it; it is very inviting and they are eager to eat it when it is done and be served in the really takes time and effort to make this, but it worth.