Saturday, August 6, 2011

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon The Best Late Night Talk Show

Written by Sherri Hicks

My favorite talk show to watch is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy is so funny and I love his interviews with all the stars. I love watching because you never know what the star is going to say next. I think Jimmy Fallon gets the stars to be much more relaxed and real then other late night talk show hosts, which makes for much more interesting discussions.

Jimmy Fallon has been hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon since 2009, but he has been known as a funny man on TV much longer. I have been watching Jimmy Fallon on Direct TV Calicornia since the '90s when he begin on Saturday Night Live.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is entertaining right from the beginning starting with the great house band The Roots. He always has a great comedy segment. He has a lot of different regular skits including wheel of carpet samples, lick it for ten, or my favorite cell phone shoot out. I loved when he had the contestants from Top Chef on and used cell phone shoot out to reveal what they have to cook.

The guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are like the cherry on top. The guests are always the hottest singers and actors. I tune in to watch Jimmy Fallon, but I love everyone he has on his show.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Posted by Arden Wallace

The View is my favorite talk show out of the many on television today. This talk show offers many different feelings and experiences throughout their broadcasting. They talk about anything from presidential elections, to overcrowding at animal shelters. I love a talk show that has something new to offer each time the show comes on. The majority of topics talked about on the view are things that strangely enough, I am really into. The view consists of a group of women that sit at a table to discuss all of the different topics they have on the show.

There are man! y co-hosts they have as well, and these are usually women i am not very aware of, but still bring a lot that makes for an interesting discussion. Whoopi Goldberg is one of the women on the show, and she is almost my favorite of all the women at the table. Whoopi mainly acts as a moderator for the discussion, and most of the things she has to say are very entertaining. The show first aired in 1997, and I have been watching it since. Since there is such a wide range of topics on the show, it really never gets boring and that is why I can watch it day in and day out. Every time I watch The View I view it with my because the picture quality makes for the best viewing experience.