Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This past few days we encountered a very bad weather. We are experiencing big rain and flood because of the typhoon. The next barangay from ours had the worst experience of flood. The flood causes bumper to bumper traffic in our town because the water level is so high and not only that it damages some properties as well because the water gets inside the houses, the crops are drowned and there are some animals also floating all over. The whole town have no electricity for almost a week because plenty of our electric post fall in the ground.

This calamity brings the people in our town together, it unites us to lend a hand and help each other to stand back again. The Mayor and all the barangay officials in each barangay reach out together to help reshape and bring back the beauty of our town that was again destroyed by the typhoon. I know this is not the last, but with everybody willing to help we can always survive.

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