Saturday, August 6, 2011

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon The Best Late Night Talk Show

Written by Sherri Hicks

My favorite talk show to watch is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy is so funny and I love his interviews with all the stars. I love watching because you never know what the star is going to say next. I think Jimmy Fallon gets the stars to be much more relaxed and real then other late night talk show hosts, which makes for much more interesting discussions.

Jimmy Fallon has been hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon since 2009, but he has been known as a funny man on TV much longer. I have been watching Jimmy Fallon on Direct TV Calicornia since the '90s when he begin on Saturday Night Live.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is entertaining right from the beginning starting with the great house band The Roots. He always has a great comedy segment. He has a lot of different regular skits including wheel of carpet samples, lick it for ten, or my favorite cell phone shoot out. I loved when he had the contestants from Top Chef on and used cell phone shoot out to reveal what they have to cook.

The guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are like the cherry on top. The guests are always the hottest singers and actors. I tune in to watch Jimmy Fallon, but I love everyone he has on his show.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Posted by Arden Wallace

The View is my favorite talk show out of the many on television today. This talk show offers many different feelings and experiences throughout their broadcasting. They talk about anything from presidential elections, to overcrowding at animal shelters. I love a talk show that has something new to offer each time the show comes on. The majority of topics talked about on the view are things that strangely enough, I am really into. The view consists of a group of women that sit at a table to discuss all of the different topics they have on the show.

There are man! y co-hosts they have as well, and these are usually women i am not very aware of, but still bring a lot that makes for an interesting discussion. Whoopi Goldberg is one of the women on the show, and she is almost my favorite of all the women at the table. Whoopi mainly acts as a moderator for the discussion, and most of the things she has to say are very entertaining. The show first aired in 1997, and I have been watching it since. Since there is such a wide range of topics on the show, it really never gets boring and that is why I can watch it day in and day out. Every time I watch The View I view it with my because the picture quality makes for the best viewing experience.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I like to watch shows which featured rich people big houses, mansion, cabins, RV's, anything as long as it is related to the way how they decorate it. Seeing how they make their home beautiful and very homey to look excites me and makes me wished to have even a small house someday in which I can put my own touch that I learn from watching all those shows. For now that I don't have my own house yet and just living in the roof in my mom's house I simply enjoy decorating our little home. I promised to myself whenever I finished college and find a nice job I will buy a bed for my mom with a canopy bed frame to make it look nicer and look like a bed of a Queen...LOL and with matching wire photo holder so that she can put all her children's and grandchildren's picture. Isn't it so nice to sleep in a very comfortable room with a nice bed and wake up in a pleasant view of looking at the picture of your family next to your bed. I know for now it was just a dream, but I will do my best to make it come true because I have a wonderful and loving family who support me in everything I do.

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Monday, July 5, 2010


MY brother's love to watch basketball games on TV. Whenever they get home from work every weekends they watch their favorite games and they had their favorite teams as well. I just laughed at their reactions because it seems that they are a part of that team, they share whatever moments the team had if they win they are happy for them and cheer for their victory, but if they lost they are sad. I like to watch it too just to spend time with them since they are not always at home. Watching the game, exchanging opinions and reactions with my brothers is one of the best moments we shared together.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


A friend of mine is so particular about the products that she should be using on her skin most especially on her face it must have an antioxidant to protect her skin from the harsh damage of the sun. I can tell it work because you can't really tell how old is she by the way she looks. The money she spent on caring for her skin really works whatever anti-aging product she uses it worth every penny. It is not that hard to take care of our skin I bet as long as you had the money and the right product just click the link I provide for you to check if this glutathione is right for you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My sister asked me not to go out too much anymore and hanging out with my friends and I have to follow what she says because I know also that she only think about my safety. I will miss my friends for sure every time we are together we made sure we had fun we hate dull moments...LOL. Good thing that there is phone or cellphone and TV to keep me entertained and sometime I just go to my aunt's house that have a computer and an internet connection where I can surf and chat with my friends.

Most of the time I was just in the house watching Tv shows and movies. If there were new released movies that I wanted to watch I just rent a DVD tape of it because it is cheaper than going to a theater and the whole family can watch it as well. Watching movies in the living room is a new-found way of spending quality time with our family now and it is more fun and enjoyable because we shared laughs and opinions.

Make every night a film festival with movies on demand. The WORLD MOVIES Channel and enjoy the best that Hollywood doesn't offer.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just recently I heard the news about a family who were being murdered. Whoever the murderers are they had no heart because not only they take whatever valuable things they saw, but they also kill the whole family including the kids. The worst thing is there was no witness in this brutal crime. Just hoping that the family of the victim will get justice.

If you live in a secluded place away from neighborhood hooking up a video surveillance might help you keep safe from any harm.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My sister and her husband didn't get much in their tax refund this year because my sister works as a part-time worker and the company where she worked before didn't deduct a tax money from her salary. They paid more tax for the money she earned because they had to declare her earning in a self-employed status. My brother-in-law is the one who filled up the tax form and he used online tax services. My sister don't know yet how to do it so she just watches how her husband do it because there are tax software that she is not familiar. Although she did tax before here in the Philippines from where she is working before, but she says it is different from what she used to.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Finally my mother brought me to see a dentist in town. The dentist checked all my bad tooth if it is Ok to be pulled. I feel a little bit nervous about it because I got four that needed to be pulled. I have been suffering too much pain from them recently and I got high fever because of it. When I tell my sister about my problem about my teeth she then told my mother to go to a doctor after we receive the money she sent to us.

Now I am very happy to have those tooth out in my mouth. No more pain for me anymore and my sister agree with me that I need to see a dentist every six months for dental check up and teeth cleaning.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In my neighborhood not everyone has a bathroom there are families who share one bathroom to all the member of the clan. It is hard to have a shared bathroom to all the clan because you don't know when the nature's call and someone is still using it. We are lucky that we have one our own inside our house and only us uses it. Our bathroom is not fancy, but it is fine as long as we have a place where we can release our body waste whenever nature call.

My mother always tells us how important it is to save in every way. Especially in our place we get water in an artificial pump well where everyone in our neighborhood gets their water in same artificial pump well as well. We always save water to have enough supply for a day. A few months ago one big company in our place offer us some water supply, but we need to pay a certain amount to start it and then later we are going to have a monthly bills from them and my mom is interested in it, but she can't decide until she tells my sister about it because she is the one sending us money for everything we need. While my mom and my sister are talking about the offer of that company I found this website featuring a dual flush toilets which can help save water. They tackle about how we can save money as well. Who wouldn't like to save money especially this time so if you are planning in changing or renovating your bathroom and you need a new toilet just visit their website for more information and check for yourself how much savings you can get.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We just have a funeral yesterday for my cousin, she died when she gives birth to her baby and unfortunately the baby doesn't survive either. It is really a bad year for us because I lost already three of my cousin within six or seven months. I can say that the death of my cousin this time is another example of people like us who are poor and the hospital staff won't really take care of their patients that much. Whereas in private hospital the doctor will really see through all the needs of their patients as long as they can. I hope that the people who oath to take care of the people in need will really do their best and be responsible in the field they choose.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


My friends and I agreed to go to town since they are at home because they had a vacation to celebrate Christmas season. We buy junk foods and bottled water for our snack while we are talking about things that are happening to our life. We missed each other because they go to school for college except me...LOL... this time that we got a chance we go out together like we used to do before we laugh as much as we cannot minding the people around us and stared to us.

I am so happy to have a friend's like them who are understanding, caring and loving and most especially joker. Although we don't have that much money in our pocket we still find ways to enjoy. The trials that we have been through together makes our friendship deeper and stronger.

To my friends Jean Ann Lazarte, Shiela Mae Abaquita and Richie Deguma thank you so much for the friendship that you shared to me. I am glad to be a part of your life and you to me, all three of you are my true great friends. Love you guys.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


My friend Meljean asked me to choreograph their group because they are going to have a dance contest for there Christmas party. There would be plenty of contestant competing in that competition and each group has their own choreographer. I am so flattered and honored that they asked me to be their group choreographer it means a lot to me because someone sees and believe in my talent. Although it is so hard to teach them all the dance steps because most of them don't have a rhythm....LOL... and their body is not that soft to execute some of the movements that I told them to make, but I saw their efforts and persistence to execute all the dance moves I taught them. At the same time, as I was teaching them the dance steps they also teach me how to be more patient, open-minded, creative and give me the courage to trust them that they can do it. They may not have the talent for dancing, but the spirit they showed me while I was teaching them was awesome and whether they get that prize or not in the competition they are already a winner.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My friend Shiela surprised me that we are going to have a dance number in the fiesta on the other province. Her aunt is a radio actress and they are going to perform a stage drama in the other province, and they approach Shiela and her daughter that they wanted us to present a dance number because they don't have a dancer before the stage drama start and they request us to dance the ballroom dance Samba.

We are now busy rehearsing our dance routine since we have only three days to perfect the steps before the stage presentation. Each one of us are working so hard and very cooperative in giving ideas to make this number perfect because Shiela's aunt told her that if ever their head director would love our dance number they are going to hire us officially as their dancers in every stage drama they are going to make. It would be great if that ever happens because we can go to different places and got the chance to enjoy while being paid in every trip we are going to make and also all the fare and food we need are free.