Friday, September 25, 2009


There are plenty of local actresses who portrayed Darna whether it is on movies or just in TV series.

The first Darna series they made is played by Angel Locsin in the year 2005 and she did the role so well and it fits her character because of her boyish act and she had a strong facial features. Though in the first few months of the series she received bad criticism from the columnist and viewers, but still she managed to accomplished and have a high rating on her TV series.

Like what other actresses have been through in playing this role as a remake for the Darna she experienced it also and was being able to surpass it all with a flying colors.

Our Pinay superhero Darna is now on TV again, GMA7 Network released another TV series of Darna. This time it is Marian Rivera who will play the role. She is very exciting to play the Narda role and used her own voice to shout to become Darna, although she is also a bit nervous knowing that all the local actresses that played same role before already proved themselves worthy to swallow the powerful stone....LOL.

As expected even before her new TV series would come out she got already bad criticism from public viewers, but she is persistent and do her best to face the challenges that may come. They got some twist in this series that was never shown in the first one and you will be amazed on how they make the story more intriguing and exciting. Keep on watching guys and let her prove herself in doing her best in her role.

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