Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In my neighborhood not everyone has a bathroom there are families who share one bathroom to all the member of the clan. It is hard to have a shared bathroom to all the clan because you don't know when the nature's call and someone is still using it. We are lucky that we have one our own inside our house and only us uses it. Our bathroom is not fancy, but it is fine as long as we have a place where we can release our body waste whenever nature call.

My mother always tells us how important it is to save in every way. Especially in our place we get water in an artificial pump well where everyone in our neighborhood gets their water in same artificial pump well as well. We always save water to have enough supply for a day. A few months ago one big company in our place offer us some water supply, but we need to pay a certain amount to start it and then later we are going to have a monthly bills from them and my mom is interested in it, but she can't decide until she tells my sister about it because she is the one sending us money for everything we need. While my mom and my sister are talking about the offer of that company I found this website featuring a dual flush toilets which can help save water. They tackle about how we can save money as well. Who wouldn't like to save money especially this time so if you are planning in changing or renovating your bathroom and you need a new toilet just visit their website for more information and check for yourself how much savings you can get.

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