Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My sister asked me not to go out too much anymore and hanging out with my friends and I have to follow what she says because I know also that she only think about my safety. I will miss my friends for sure every time we are together we made sure we had fun we hate dull moments...LOL. Good thing that there is phone or cellphone and TV to keep me entertained and sometime I just go to my aunt's house that have a computer and an internet connection where I can surf and chat with my friends.

Most of the time I was just in the house watching Tv shows and movies. If there were new released movies that I wanted to watch I just rent a DVD tape of it because it is cheaper than going to a theater and the whole family can watch it as well. Watching movies in the living room is a new-found way of spending quality time with our family now and it is more fun and enjoyable because we shared laughs and opinions.

Make every night a film festival with movies on demand. The WORLD MOVIES Channel and enjoy the best that Hollywood doesn't offer.

The WORLD MOVIES Channel is your ultimate art house and international movie destination. See what the world has to offer. Just click the link I provide and see for yourself what else they have in store for you and for your whole family.

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