Sunday, July 26, 2009


I started doing my household chores and some errands in the house because I wanted to have enough time to prepare things myself before going to church in our town. Usually it takes an hour for me and my friends to attend the whole mass and after that we go directly to the town plaza located near the church. Plenty of sidewalk vendors selling different foods in the corners like peanut, popcorn, fish ball, shake, ice cream and many more items you can choose to buy if you have the money in your pocket. We just buy bags of popcorn and peanut for us to eat.

Some of our friends are already in the plaza waiting for us to arrive and then we decided to walk for a while and later decided to sit in one of those benches laying all over. Many people all over the plaza there are couples with their kids playing in the playground, lovers in some side of plaza talking so seriously and tickling each other sometimes, and people like me hanging out with friends and enjoy laughing with one another.

We love to share funny stories and laugh a lot with it and sometimes we make other people around us as a target for our entertainment. We know it is not good at all to do it, but we cannot help it we want to enjoy every single minute we have because some of my friends are not always in our hometown.

They go to college schools in the city to study and live in there; they just go home twice a month and if they have an extra money from the allowance they receive from their parents. Some of us are not as lucky to pursue our study, but I have not lost my hope yet who knows someday my luck will come...LOL....anything can happen if you are persistent to reach and achieve something in life.

For now I was just at home helping with my mother in some household stuff and sometimes do some creative things like this writing and dancing since I am a member of the dance troupe in our town.

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