Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today is my cousins burial day I can imagine the grief his parents have and those people who are close to him.

I did not really meet him in person only my two older sister met him together with my mom a few years ago when they went in Mindanao to attend my father's burial. They said that he is their bodyguard...LOL....when they went there he is with them wherever they want to go; he does not let them go somewhere without him because my sisters do not know the place so well.

It might be so easy to say that he is already in God's hands and already find peace and happiness there, but for the people who lost him it is so hard to accept the truth; he will always be a part of the family and in their heart he will always be there.

Good day everyone and spend time with your love one's because you do not know when is your time and their time will come to be with the CREATOR.

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