Thursday, July 23, 2009


My cousin asks me to go with her in the town to buy stuffs for their little store. We did not go directly to the market instead we go to the town bay walk to have some fun. I really like out there I love the breeze of the sea wind that blows in my face it feels so good. The scenery is awesome people from other towns come here just to relax and enjoy.

There are plenty of people already all over, it is a busy afternoon plenty of students in their and some lovers. Food is not a problem it is all over the area besides from the vendors there are also restaurants in there which serve seafood and a karaoke house; food and singing is two of the favorite things that FILIPINO love to do.

The karaoke houses is already busy some customers are already singing while others are just listening while drinking their beer or pop or soda with some chips.

Though it is crowded and so noisy I still enjoy it; in the sea you can see some fisherman in their boats go out for fishing and ship in the dock. I really do not know exactly why they are here, but I do not mind it my mind is already occupied of my wishful thinking about beautiful places and big cities that I wanted to visit in the future....LOL....if I have a plenty of money to spend someday..LOL.....just a dream and it is for free.

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