Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Technology really helps people a lot in everything they do; from housework to office and even in our leisure time, these machines that we called really helps in everything we do. Like my sister and her husband they know each other in computer through chat.

They are friends at first for more than four years, before they decided to step up to the next level of a deeper relationship between man and woman....LOL.....though they live a thousand miles away from each other it does not stop them Computer and telephone are their way of communications; he calls her everyday in phone before and after she goes to work or else my sister goes to an Internet cafe just to spend time chatting with him so that they can see and talk to each other as well because they have webcam and headphone in there.

Love really works in mysterious ways, imagine how two people coming from two different places meet and fall in love. After her boyfriend come to Phillipines, and visited here for couple of weeks, last year after they have done all the requirements and documents needed for my sister to go to his place, she went to the United States alone away from her home and family; love is her strength and weapon to conquer all the challenges that comes.

God bless to all and happy reading.

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