Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My sister told us that she had a part-time job, but it would not be that long, she started Thursday night last week until whole week this week. She just grab the opportunity to work to earn money and can send us a little bit.

She is the breed winner of the family, for her family comes first and she never let us down. At her early age she start working, right after she graduated high school to support the family since my mom and other older brothers has no work.

Though she had an ambition in her life to pursue her study and get a degree in college instead she looked for work to support the family needs and shoulder the responsibility that should not be hers. With my mom's help and her working they manage to send us the little ones to school.

I know how hard it is for her sacrificing whatever she wanted to achieve in her life, but it does not bother her that is why God bless her so much for that she is now happily married and continued helping us.

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